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Summer events at the Garden
The Garden are again putting on a series of picnic events through the summer called ‘The Great Growing Picnic Season’ and other woodland events at the Arboretum in August. These mostly take place on Saturdays from May to August and are fun days aimed at young families.

We would like to run a membership and information stand at these events to encourage visitors to become members and are therefore looking for volunteers to man the stand. It will also act as an information table .It does not require any special knowledge- and you can enjoy the event too!

We are hoping to coordinate volunteers into 2 hour slots and if you would be interested in helping at one of these events, please contact Sue Haynes on  01235 531088. Please leave a message on the answer phone if not home and she will get back to you.

Sue Haynes


FOBG Plant Sale 2008

We would very much like Friends help on the day and also gifts of plants:

  • Plants

 Please think of the sale when dividing, propagating, potting up plants this spring.- we would be grateful for as many as you can spare. We would like anything from shrubs and herbaceous plants to herbs and also vegetables- these are very popular too.

  • Help on stall/sorting and pricing

Would you be willing to spare a couple of hours, either helping at the sale on stalls or with teas, or in the days earlier in the week leading up to the sale. This is when we collect plants, label and price them.
None of this requires any expertise at all, so don’t think you have to be a knowledgeable gardener to take part- all we require are willing pairs of hands! It is also very enjoyable.

  • Cakes for coffee. Teas and  lunches

We also would be grateful for cakes or quiches- the sale now runs through lunch time so we will require more produce than ever. If you can make a cake or help with serving then please contact Sally Orriss at or 01844 279231


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