Who are the Friends?

Who are the friends?

The Friends are a group of people who share a special interest in the Garden and who wish to retain its excellence both as a centre of education and research and as a place of relaxation and enjoyment.

The Friends are able to benefit from the resources that the Garden has to offer such as the library, annual seed list, coffee mornings and a Newsletter.

They support the Garden in many ways including helping to raise money for special projects at the garden.

Patron – HRH The Prince of Wales President – Lord Patten of Barnes

Vice Presidents
– Lawrence Banks, Robin Herbert, Sir Simon Hornby, Valerie Lapthorne, Sir Ghilean Prance, Sir Crispin Tickell, The President of Magdalen College, The Dean of Christ Church.

Trustees and Directors
Richard Mayou (Chairman), Jennie Turner (Secretary), Sarah Taylor, Martin Lamaison (Treasurer), Mary Isaac.
Jane Annett, Marie Jeanne Barnett, Crystal Dobson, Sue Haynes, David Newburn, Sally Oriss and Walter Sawyer.

Recommended Weatherproof Garden Furniture

Recently, during Novemeber 2016 we have come across a new type of garden furniture that we would like to recommend to you. It’s called Winawood, and it’s made from a complex polymer of compressed materials to create a grain effect that’s both tough, and naturally looking, with a grain effect. It also doesn’t require any oil or covering, and can be left outside during the winter and summer, aka it’s weatherproof. It will be a very important time saver in our gardens and beyond, so we would like to recommend them to anyone who’s in the UK and are sick of spending time oiling their furniture or benches.

The main retailer of this type of furniture that we recommend is Gardencentreshopping.

They also have commercial outdoor furniture options available.

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